A Benefit christmas!


I woke up Christmas morning to this cute little box under the tree… inside was a bunch of goodies from Benefit! They were all bits and bobs that I really wanted to try, so my parents bought me them for Christmas. For the past couple of weeks I’ve been playing about with them so I can give you guys a good review on them all. Here goes…

The POREfessional – This was my fave product out of the bunch. It’s basically a balm which minimises pores and is a great primer to base foundation on. I always use primer, but not one as made my face look as flawless as this! It’s such a strange product… when I first squirted it out it was a pale brown cream but then as soon as I rubbed it on my face it just disappeared into nothing. It turns into a VERY fine powder, you can’t see it or really feel it. The problem is you don’t know where you’ve put it on your face and you don’t know how much to use. The other problem for me is that because it is a very fine powder, it makes foundation matte and loses the ‘dewiness’. So it can sometimes dry my skin out. Other than that, it is amazing! My face looks like it has been airbrushed. 4.5/5


Brows a-go-go – This wax brow kit is now one of my daily essentials. I’ve always used pencil when filling in my eyebrows, but it never looks quite right. This kit contains brow wax which clings to the hair of your eyebrows, making them look darker and fuller. You also get two shades of brown powder which you can use to fill in gaps or shape, as well as ‘brow highlighter powder’ and ‘eye bright’ which does just that…brightens your eyes. You also get a tiny pair of tweezers, a brush to apply the powder/wax and an eyeliner pencil. Eyebrows look so much more natural with this kit! 4/5


Lip Plump – This is my least favourite of all the products, simply because it just doesn’t work. It’s supposed to be a primer for lips, to make them look fuller and help lipstick to stay on longer. Firstly, I can’t tell if my lips are fuller, but if they are it’s obviously not very noticeable. Secondly, the product itself is sticky and smudges as soon as you put lipstick on – it makes my red lipstick go brown! And thirdly, it dries leaving little bits on your lips – not a good party look! 0/5


It’s Potent! & Facial Emulsion – These two little ones came in a box with another small tube of POREfessional. The bottles are absolutely gorgeous – they remind me of something out of Alice In Wonderland! The It’s Potent! is an eye-cream…being 20 I don’t really need eye cream yet (unless I’ve been out the night before!) so I didn’t notice a difference in the appearance of my eyes.The Face Emulsion however is basically a moisturiser, it feels really nice on my skin and you only need a little bit so it lasts ages. It does make skin look smoother and hydrated – definitely worth investing in! 4/5


Tweezerman for Benefit – Tweezerman is a well-known company in the eyelash curling world. They’ve now designed one especially for Benefit which comes in a cute little box with spare pads. Honestly, I’m not sure if this works. I’ve never really used eyelash curlers because I didn’t see a particular benefit. Some people love them, some people just don’t know how to use them. But either way, you’re probably best to buy cheaper ones which I’m sure will do the same job!


If you have any more questions about the products, please feel free to leave me a message! Happy New Year! 🙂


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