Get that winter glow

It’s that time of the year when our skin needs a bit of a boost. The cold, harsh weather can make skin dull and dry. The best way to fake a glow is by adding a highlighter to your daily make-up routine.


Personally, I use  highlighter everyday regardless of the weather, but if you’re new to this product then there’s nothing better to start off with than Benefit’s watt’s up!

I love this product, it doesn’t make your face overly shiny like some highlighters available but it gives you a beautiful subtle glow. (See photo below – sorry about the quality). Although it’s around £24, it lasts ages! I’ve had mine about 7/8 months now and I use it daily.


Benefit offer a number of different highlighters which I’ve yet to try, but they all tend to get good reviews. The thing I like about watt’s up! is the gorgeous ‘champagne’ colour. Some highlighters have a touch of pink in them to add colour to cheeks, but depending on your skin tone, a light pink might not necessarily suit you. Also, you may wear a blusher which is a completely different shade to that of the highlighter. Watt’s Up! allows you to wear your normal blusher.


How to apply highlighter:
Highlighter is used differently depending on make up skills. Obviously, make up artists do a lot more than the basics.
For a natural, subtle, everyday look I apply the highlighter to my cheekbones and eyebrow bones. Some people also apply it down the front of their nose when contouring to make their nose look slimmer. I’ve also seen people apply it to the lip philtrum (the indent between your nose and lip) to make lips look plumper.

If I were only allowed to recommend one product this year, it would have to be Watt’s Up! Give it a go, you won’t be disappointed!


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