Match Made For You

After 3 years of research, Boots have finally developed a brand new tool to help you find the perfect shade of foundation for your skin tone. The Match Made service which is available to all customers who buy their No7 foundation is a UK beauty first. The tool is based on a US product originally used to help customers find paint colours by taking a photo of the colour they liked and mixing paint to achieve the right shade.

The Match Made device works by placing it against your face, it then makes a ‘clicking’ noise as it takes 27 photos simultaneously. The machine will then tell you what shade you are (out of the 17 available), of course it is only available for No7 foundations! Once you have your shade, you will then have a consultation with one of the No7 beauty consultants, they will help you to pick which texture and foundation finish is right for you – achieving the PERFECT foundation for your skin.

The service will be available from September in most major Boots stores across the country.

What’s even better? It’s completely free!

For more info on the service follow the link below…

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