It’s all so Lush!

Do you ever wish you wouldn’t have to re-apply your lipstick or eye-liner every few hours? Maybe you’re just looking for a really bright colour that will stand out? Well, this may be your answer…

While shopping in town at the weekend, I thought I’d pop into Lush and treat myself to a bath bomb. Instead I left with something completely unexpected.

Over the weekend, Lush have launched a brand new make-up range or ‘Handmade Colour’ as they call it. I was taken aback with the amazing variety of colours they had on offer, and the whole concept is pretty damn brilliant!

The product which comes in little glass bottles is basically colour which can be applied to your lips as a lipstick, your eyes as eye-liner or even your cheeks as blusher. Obviously, certain colours SHOULD only be applied to certain areas…although some of you may wish to experiment.

The best part is that the colours actually stain your skin, so they literally last hours and hours. I put some on as lipstick and my boyfriend was sooo happy that he didn’t have to worry about getting lipstick all over his face and lips when he kissed me!

It’s not just the product but also the concept that fascinates me… if you’re unsure as to what colour to go for then a member of staff will help you with the new colour wheel. The idea is that the wheel (full of all their colours) is spun while your eyes are closed. Then once the wheel stops you open your eyes and pick the first three colours that stand out to you the most. These colours are supposed to describe your personality and feelings. So, the first one describes how you’re feeling now, the second describes what you want now and the third describes you as a person. I got…

1 – ‘Passionate’ which is a pink with a purple shine. (See photo above).

2 – ‘Calm’ which is a pale blue (definitely describes what I want when it’s busy in Nottingham!).

3 – ‘Drive’ which is a deep purple.

I decided to get ‘Passionate’ as it’s an absolutely gorgeous colour, especially for lips! I’m now going to go back next weekend to buy a very pretty teal colour to use as eye-liner.

Again, as it’s a stain you only need to use a tiny bit so a bottle will last you months and months – well worth £14.50.

I have a feeling Lush have caught on to something very clever here – I can’t wait to see what else they bring out!


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