Max Factor Flipstick – Keep on Pouting!

If there’s one thing I’m a sucker for it’s lipstick – or lipgloss for that matter. I’m such an addict! I will not leave the house without a hint of colour on my lips and at the minute I’m loving bright pinks. I’d even go as far as saying that I have more shades of pink in my lipstick bag (yes that’s right, I have a bag just for lipsticks) than MAC and Nars put together. No joke.

So when I saw the advert for Max Factor’s new Flipstick Colour Effect, I instantly logged onto the internet and ordered myself two shades – Boreal Mauve and Folky Pink. Both of these colours are very much pink based, however Boreal Mauve has a slight purple tinge. Both are great colours for the summer. See image below for colour swatches (left is Folky Pink & right is Boreal Mauve) –

Now the idea of the Flisptick is that you can adapt the colour by the amount you put on. You have a base shade at one end and a lighter shimmery shade at the other. So firstly you put on the base colour and then add the lighter shimmering shade on top. Using different amounts of both you can create slightly different shades. I absolutely love this idea! It’s very much about being creative and unique.

So the positives… well there are 6 different Flipsticks available, each one having two different colours and they can all be mixed together. So for example, I could mix my Boreal Mauve base colour with the Folky Pink lighter shimmer shade. So every single colour from this range can be mixed together to create something truly unique!

The Flipstick is also surprisingly long lasting too, it’s well worth the money (£8.49 at Boots/ £6.49 at Superdrug) as it lasts absolutely ages. The lipstick is also super moisturising and actually quite long-wearing, it gives your lips a boost too (my thin lips looked much bigger). I went out for a meal wearing Folky Pink and it was still on after eating and drinking. This surprised me quite a bit as when you first put the lipstick on it feels very wet, as though it will easily wipe off.

Now I like both Boreal Mauve and Folky Pink but quite honestly, when you add the shimmer there isn’t that much of a noticeable difference in colour or shade. You just get as it says – a shimmer. However, if you have watched the advert then you will have seen the model wearing Gipsy Red, which is a deep red with a gold/orange shimmer to it. As you can tell from the advert, this one does make a noticeable difference when you add the shimmer over the top. So if you are going to buy any, I would definitely recommend buying Gipsy Red. If you don’t like red lipstick then you could also buy Bloomy Pink/Folky Pink, use their base pink and then use the Gipsy Red gold shimmer on top.

The Flipsticks are so very addictive, so be warned – once you buy one you’ll end up buying all of them!

My rating – 4.5/5


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