confidence is everything

So, I’ve just finished reading Jameela Jamil’s column in this month’s Company magazine, and within reading the first couple of sentences I knew I could have written the exact same thing about myself.

I love Jameela’s column, it’s always very honest, open and funny. You can relate to everything she says and I hope that my writing comes across that way too!


This month’s column really struck me though. She writes about missed opportunities haunting her, how she was afraid that she would fail so instead she took the easy route and ran in the opposite direction.

This is exactly the same for me, well…the other way around. While I’m at university, the more opportunities open to me the better. I’ll accept anything which will help me to gain some real work experience, because at university it’s ok if you mess up, you can just learn from it and try again. It’s different in the real world though. And the thought of it terrifies me!

Like Jameela, I’m scared I’ll run away from big life-changing opportunities because of the pressure to prove I’m good enough, to prove I can do it. I know it’s a confidence thing and I know it’ll get easier in time. As they say, ‘confidence grows with age’. I’m just so ambitious and passionate about my future that I’m scared I’ll mess it all up. Unfortunately, I will make mistakes along the way, but I guess that’s the point of learning and growing up – you make mistakes and learn from them.

I just hope that when I finish university and begin job hunting (whether that is PR or journalism) I’ll have the courage to walk in there and make myself proud.

There is nothing worse than thinking ‘what if…’


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