Managing PR – Fourth Post

Well that’s it.

Yesterday we finished our Managing PR module with a presentation that we’ve been working on over Christmas. As sad as it sounds, I actually really enjoyed presenting it, don’t get me wrong, I still get nervous but I just enjoyed the whole process. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned from presenting it’s ‘confidence is everything’. You can’t go far if you don’t believe in yourself, something which a lot of people need to work on.

As I noted in the first post I’m a ‘Plant’ so I’m ”highly creative” and one of the bits I enjoyed most was designing a new logo for our given company The New Revolution or TNR for short (see attached below). I decided to have a GB flag as the background as it links in with the company name (revolution) and there is also a focus on British artists. The flag is also frayed denim with stick on gems – something you often see at music festivals. Then the letters stay to the red theme but are quite funky/rock n roll so they stand out. Not to blow my own trumpet, but I loved it!

I found our group worked really well together and I would most definitely work with them all again, we all had very different ideas that when brought together made a great campaign, which you can see attached below.

TNR are a band T-shirt company that wanted to expand from online into stores across the country. They wanted to stand out from other companies by focusing on clothing for males and females and artists that would appeal to everyone. We decided to hold an event in the Oxford Topshop branch, it would be a big launch party with artists playing and a catwalk showcasing TNR designs. It was a great idea on Lucy’s part and in all honesty I don’t think any of the other groups thought of anything quite as good.

Topshop – the perfect place for a catwalk event.

Throughout the process of developing a campaign you don’t really think about theories or how you should adapt your campaign so it follows them. Throughout uni I’ve always remembered quotes for assignments but never really kept them in mind for future campaigns but I’m starting to see how theories can be beneficial. Take Grunig’s four models of Public Relations, we are constantly told that the two-way symmetrical model is the one we should strive for, yet I never even thought about it when developing this campaign. We didn’t think about communicating with the public two-way, it was more one-way with us telling them what is happening, there was no way for them to actually get involved. Well, except for attending the event of course. I think we could have improved the campaign if we had some way for the publics to be involved in some way, for example, maybe a poll on Facebook where the audience could pick which T-shirt design they preferred. Or even a chance for them to comment on what they would like to see at the event. In the future, I’ll actually consider theories, many of them might be old, but the guidance and knowledge you gain from them is priceless.

TNR GB Flag Logo – My designed TNR logo.

Our campaign presentation – Our overall campaign presentation for TNR.

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