Managing PR – Third Post

In all honesty I had no idea what PR was when I signed up for it. Grunig and Hunt (1984) describes it as ”the management communication between an organisation and it’s publics”. A very simple definition, but I still had no idea what PR entailed. But, since this module I’ve learnt so much more about PR, I could almost write a short book…if only I had the patience.

Right from the very beginning of this semester I had already decided Managing PR was my favourite module. Where I would struggle to get out of bed for other lectures and seminars, I would be excited for this one.

Last years ‘Introduction to PR’ nearly put me off PR for good. It was so boring and dull that I almost felt I was studying Mathematics! Managing PR is completely the opposite, it’s fun and creative and keeps you yearning to learn more.

I’ve gained quite a bit from this module, before I wasn’t sure what kind of direction I wanted to go in, but after Jane’s talk about In-House and agency I’ve decided agency is probably best for me as I want to keep my career new and exciting, yet I would easily work In-House if it was for something I love. I’ve researched a few agencies and I really like BeautySeen PR, they’ve worked for some great names such as NARS and Revlon. It’s the kind of agency I’d really love to be a part of. But my favourite as to be Boudoir PR, they have worked with so many amazing companies including Lipsy London, Nail Rock and Twilight.

The most important yet basic thing I’ve learnt is just how to pitch, commission and brief. I never knew how any of these worked. I didn’t even know the costs involved in the PR industry, but I think now I’ve got some kind of basic idea which I’ll hopefully build on in the next couple of years.

We’ve had a few guest speakers, my favourite was Glenn Le Santo. Although only four of us turned up, it was probably the most worthwhile and inspirational talk I’ve been to. Before this course I never realised how important social media was within industries, I guess because I used it everyday I took it for advantage. Glenn explained EXACTLY what we need to do to get a career in PR and that most of it was now based on your role within social media. Since then I’ve set up a LinkedIn account, focused more on my blog and I’m even looking into setting up my own website with links to my Facebook, Twitter, blog etc.

Unfortunately, after our presentation it will be the end of the semester and the end of Managing PR. I’m really hoping I’ll have Jane Crofts has a lecturer again though, she made PR fun and exciting, unlike the majority of the others!

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