Managing PR – Second Post

Since being introduced to my Managing PR group we’ve had numerous group meetings about the assignment. All three groups are given different companies and each must brief and pitch another group from the seminar. As we are group three we were tasked with producing a brief form a government agency for improving the awareness of road safety for young people especially aiming it at ‘drug driving’.

On our first group meeting we decided to highlight any parts of the given information which would be helpful and useful for our brief, then with the help from an official brief which was used by the University’s PR department we developed an outline and layout in which we wanted our brief to follow. With the basis of the layout finished we decided the best way would be for each of us to pick a section we would most like to do and then come up with ideas which we would then talk to the whole group about. I was tasked with the budget, which in all honesty wasn’t something I would have chosen but I thought I would let everyone else pick first, I don’t like to come across as selfish or bossy, but of course it’s not always good to sit in the background and get left with the boring parts… another thing I need to work on!

I scoured the web for information about budgets but found it very difficult, as I’ve never done anything like this before I was unsure about the costs when developing a campaign. Eventually I looked on the government’s road safety website, I even emailed a couple of men from the local council’s marketing and PR departments to get information, one of them replied and from that I based we would need around £30,000 as it was a national campaign which would be running for a year.

It was interesting in the first couple of weeks as we mostly agreed on everything and we all appeared to have the same sort of ideas and work ethos. I found Theo to be quiet at times yet very creative. Lucy and Kanchan I felt were almost the team leaders, taking control of the group and leading it in the right direction. I compared the group with Bruce Tuckman’s 1965 four-stage model for team developing and roles.

Breakdown of Tuckman’s model:

  1. Forming – High dependence on leader for guidance and direction, little agreement on team aims. I found that this didn’t appear to be the case with our group, from the very start none of us appeared to be the leader, we all worked together and secondly we had quite a focused idea of what our aims were.
  2. Storming – Decisions don’t come easily within group. Team members vie for position as they establish themselves. Leaders may be challenged. Again I don’t agree with this, we were quick to decide which of us took on what job and although I found Kanchan and Lucy to almost lead the group, they worked together rather than ‘fighting’ to be the leader.
  3. Norming – Agreement and consensus is largely formed among team, who respond well to facilitation by leader. Roles and responsibilities are clear and accepted. Big decisions are made by group agreement. This stage I do agree with, we quickly established who would take on what task and although as mentioned we didn’t really have an established leader, we all agreed and developed ideas within the group.
  4. Performing – The team is more strategically aware; the team knows clearly why it is doing what it is doing. The team has a shared vision and is able to stand on its own feet with no interference or participation from the leader. I found this to be the case towards the end of developing the brief; we all knew exactly what we each had to do individually. We decided as we were a government agency we wanted to brief the group face – to – face and informal so that we could ensure they knew exactly what we were looking for.

I think in general our group work really well together, yet I felt that when we did our first presentation certain members took control and I felt because marks were given individually, certain people put themselves first before the group as a whole.

Now we have completed the brief and it’s our turn to produce and develop a campaign, it will be interesting to see if the group changes with this new task, we have already decided on a layout for our presentation and Lucy came up with a great idea for an event. We are tasked with devising a campaign for a companies new ‘band t-shirts’. As noted in the file below, we all have set tasks to complete for our presentaion, this time I’m happy with mine!

Campaign Layout & Individual Tasks

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