Headkandy Clip-In Hair Extensions

I wouldn’t say I’m a hair extension addict but for the past four years I’ve hardly left the house without them…the main reason being that my hair is really fine and within minutes of ferocious back-combing it just flops back to being limp and lifeless.

I’ve bought extensions ranging from £60-£120 and I’ve never been completely happy with the quality, even the expensive ones! Which is why I was sceptical about ordering Headkandy extensions. There are reviews all over the net, mainly all positive but that was the same for the £120 ones and they turned out to be the worst I have ever had.

One of my main worries about ordering them off the web was that I would fork out £80 only to find out they were the wrong colour or too long. This is where Headkandy have come up with a solution…they don’t want people using the hair only to return it all tangled up or damaged, so when you receive the extensions, there is a separate pocket with one weft of hair which lets you check you have the right colour and length, if they’re not you can simply return them (not that it matters too much as you can cut and dye them anyway).

Headkandy offer a range of colours and lengths, I decided to get 20-22” in ‘Hot Toffee’ which is basically light brown (as you can see in the photo, the colour was a perfect match for me). The prices change depending on the length but mine were £80, which isn’t that bad for 180grams of hair (almost twice as much hair as I have on my head!).

Headkandy hair extensions

For £80 you receive 10 pieces of human hair which includes a quad weft (a big piece to help blend the hair together) as well as spare clips in case any fall off (clips are already attached to the hair). After rigorous amounts of back-combing and curling they’re still as soft and silky as they were when I first bought them. Everyone who has seen them has commented on how thick and soft they are and both my house mates are on the brink of buying some.

So would I recommend them? Definitely!

They are by far the best extensions I have ever bought. I can only think of one negative, that being that when they’re straightened they look unnaturally long but that’s my own fault and that can easily be solved by just getting them cut a few inches at the hairdressers.

If I had to rate them it would be 9/10.

Here’s a link to their website and facebook page for anyone who wants more info…




2 thoughts on “Headkandy Clip-In Hair Extensions

  1. hello, I am looking for extensions in this colour, and asked HK what colour I should order based on your hair colour and they have told me melted chocolate! But I really like the colour of your hair and want to get the same extensions.. just wondered what colour your hair is if you dye it? this might help me in getting the right colour. thanks!

    • Hi!
      I no longer have the same hair colour, it’s now much darker. In the photo I ordered the extensions in Hot Toffee and did not dye them at all. I can’t tell you what colour my natural hair was because I had it done at the hairdressers but it was a light/medium brown that was identical to my Hot Toffee hair extensions. My hair probably does look darker in this photo because of the flash on the camera and the light in the room but it normal light conditions my hair actually looked A LOT lighter than in the photo. That’s probably why they said Melted Chocolate. So if you like the colour in the photo then go for Melted Chocolate because in normal light my hair wasn’t has dark as it looks in the photo.
      Sorry I can’t be of more help! 🙂

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