No more fun and games.

Photo: scui3asteveo

Three weeks into my second year and I’m already feeling the pressure. Gone are the days of sitting on Facebook all day eating chocolate, now I’ve actually got to ‘study’…I am not looking forward to it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Journalism & PR, they’re both really interesting subjects, it’s just…it’s hard to enjoy something when you know you’re going to get graded on everything you do. Where’s the fun in that? How are you supposed to enjoy writing when you know they’ll be inspecting every last word and sentence, checking that you’ve put your commas in exactly the right place? But I suppose that’s the whole point of doing a degree…to learn!

Although it probably doesn’t sound like it, I’m actually enjoying uni a lot more this year, and it’s been less than a month. I hated halls last year, they were awful, my room especially as whenever I went in the shower all the water leaked onto my carpet….as you can imagine, it smelt pretty bad, yet apparently there was ‘nothing they could do about it’. This year however, I’m sharing an 8 bedroom house with all my flat mates from last year. It’s huge. It’s just so much more homely than apartments and halls and everyone’s much more sociable.

Anyway, on another note, I’m very excited for Monday! I’m going to see the comedian, Jack Whitehall at The Engine Shed. For only £15 it was a right bargain! I’ve never seen a comedian live before so it’s a brand new experience for me. Well… it should definitely be a laugh!

P.S. please excuse any misplaced commas…I am a student after all!


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