Goodbye Freshers, Hello Hard Work!

So it’s finally coming to an end, my very first year of university. I’ve learnt sooo much from just this first year… especially about myself.

If you had asked me how uni was back in September/October I would have told you that I hated it, which I did. I was homesick and it took me a lot of time to get used to my new surroundings and these sudden new friends. I’d say it was only until Jan/Feb that I actually felt as though I belonged here and I started to bond with the people around me.

I’ve made friendships and I’ve lost some but I wouldn’t change any of it. As my mum says it’s ‘made me more confident and outgoing’. The main thing I’ve learnt is that deep down I’m still a child at heart, I’m still majorly dependent upon my parents and I’m nowhere near as independent as I should be, BUT… I’m hoping in my second year I’ll handle it all much better and enjoy every minute! Plus, what’s wrong with being a ‘child at heart’?


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